Broadband Speeds Delivered Wirelessly!
Cheap Rural Wireless Broadband!

-> We offer Wireless Broadband to Clevedon and Waiheke Island.
-> Competitive Prices and data caps compared to most ISP's throughout NZ.
-> First Month broadband FREE!*

It is our commitment to offer our customers the following services:

·Full speed Download and Upload.
·Very low monthly priced plans
·Always on internet
·Cheaper installation costs compared to any other wireless broadband providers
·No more slow dial up speeds, no phone lines, or monthly phone line rental required
·Multiple home computers can easily be connected
·Fast 5000kb/s (~40,000kbps) download speed and 1000kb/s (~8,000kbps) upload speeds are possible
(4000x faster than dialup)
·Free Tech Support

*Minimum 6month commitment to our services applies.
Does not include extra usage over/above your montly plan quota.

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